A job, babies and life, how do working mothers manage it all? Reshma O Pathare speaks to some of them to find out..

THERE is no tougher job than being a mum. Life is never the same again after that tiny little being enters your life. Sleep deprivation, erratic timings with sometimes having no time for even a pee-break and zero inclination to even think of looking half as groomed as earlier – these are just some of the thousand ways in which a woman’s life changes when she becomes a mother. What then must be the state of those mums who need to go back to work after a short maternity leave? In India, a woman gets an average of 12 weeks as maternity leave; half of which she is expected to take before her delivery. Safe to say, most women need to go back to work leaving behind an infant who is barely two to three months. While the time frame differs in keeping with different policies of different organisations, more or less a woman needs to get back to her job by the time her baby barely completes six months of age. Leaving behind such a small baby and being able to contribute optimally at work without letting nagging worries about the baby bog her, is no cakewalk for any mother. So, how then do they manage this tight-rope walk? M&B spoke to four mums who have accomplished this feat and got them to share their mantra for success:

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